Why am I receiving this letter?

Our client (the retailer) has forwarded your file to PRA Law Firm to make a restitution and/or statutory civil damages settlement request.  Civil laws have been enacted by state legislatures allowing for civil remedies which to a certain extent are used to compensate retailers for a variety of losses, costs  and expenses associated with theft and shoplifting generally as well as the legal damages associated with the specific incident in question.  These laws were often enacted in part to serve as a penalty against theft offenders or responsible individuals apart from any possible criminal punishment and to make it less likely for the theft offenders to commit theft again.  Restitution may be requested to compensate the retailer for any actual loss associated with the incident, such as damage to merchandise or theft of cash, while statutory civil damages may be requested to reimburse the retailer for additional losses associated with theft incidents and can sometimes include both actual damage and exemplary (penalty) damage components.  The exemplary or penalty damage component of these statutory civil damages requests is often allowed to be requested even if the merchandise or property was recovered and not damaged.

What happens if the store has its merchandise or property back?

Restitution will not be requested if the store has received its merchandise or property back undamaged.  However, whether the item or property was or was not damaged, or whether or not it was returned to the store has little, if any bearing on whether there will be a statutory civil damages request or the amount of that separate request. If restitution has been made, a statutory civil damages request may therefore still often be made.  The statutory civil damages settlement amount being requested by the retailer is not to compensate it for the merchandise, but for the invasion of a legal right to the retailer’s ownership of and control over its property.

The police were not called.  Why am I still being asked to pay?

Store personnel are typically the ones given authority to decide whether to call the police or not.  This statutory civil damages request is separate from and independent of any criminal action that may or may not have been taken.

I went to criminal court, why do I have to pay this?

Whenever a person commits, or attempts to commit a theft, that action may be considered both a crime and a civil tort.  The retailer may request the state to file criminal charges and it may choose to request statutory civil damages.  This statutory civil damages request is separate from and independent of any criminal action that may or may not have been taken.  So even if criminal charges are pending and regardless of the outcome of the criminal matter, the retailer may still make a statutory civil damages request pursuant to state statute.

If I pay the statutory civil damages claim do I still need to go to criminal court?

If there is a criminal court action, then you need to comply with the rules of the criminal court regarding the criminal matter.  Payment of this statutory civil damages request does not relieve you of any obligations associated with a possible criminal proceeding, but does ensure that you will be relieved of  statutory civil damages liability for the incident.

What if I can’t or don’t pay?

If you are currently unable to pay the entire statutory civil damages amount being requested, please call one of our customer support representatives, using the number listed on the letter to discuss the matter.

Failure to respond to our client’s request for settlement within the time specified in the Settlement Offer may, depending on the jurisdiction, result in the request of a higher settlement amount.  Refusal to pay the requested settlement amount may also, at the discretion and direction of our client, result in the filing of a civil lawsuit against you.

How can I pay my civil penalty?

You can pay your civil penalty by using one of the 5 following payment methods.

1) PRAConnect (automated payment line):

  • Dial 1 (866) 213-4847
  • Provides detailed payment-related information
  • Automated System accepts Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Check by Phone
  • Transactions are simple and secure

2) PRALawPay.com:

  • Website accepts Electronic Checks, Credit Cards, and Debit Card Payments
  • Transactions are simple and secure
  • Website address: www.PRALawPay.com

3) MoneyGram:

  • Cash Payments accepted at Money Gram locations nationwide, including Wal-Mart
  • Visit www.MoneyGram.com to find a location near you
  • Must have PRA Receive Code 5517 and your FILE number

4) Live agent assistance / Toll Free Number:

  • Toll-Free number 1 (888) 572-5637
  • Our office accepts Check by Phone, Credit Card, and Debit Card payments seven days a week
  • Please have your FILE number available when calling

5) Via Mail:

  • Our office accepts Check or Money Order
  • Payment shall be made payable to and mailed to PRA Law Firm, PLLC, Post Office Box 915389, Longwood, Florida 32791-5389
  • Please place your FILE number on the payment

How can I find out the balance on my file?
Dial 1 (866) 213-4847.

When is my next payment due?
Dial 1 (866) 213-4847.

How can I find out if my payment posted?

Dial 1 (866) 213-4847. Please note, it may take approximately two to three business days for your payment to post to your file and it may sometimes take longer for your payment to post to your bank.

When will I get my release letter?

Please allow up to eight weeks to receive your release letter. All release letters will be delivered via U.S. Mail to the address listed on file. Therefore, please make sure you update your address with our office and your local post office to ensure accurate delivery.

What are your office hours?

Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time Zone)
Saturday: 11:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time Zone)
Sunday:  11:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time Zone)

Do you speak Spanish?

Si tiene mas preguntas, le exijo que nos llame para mejor seleccionar esta indiscreción. El número de nosotros es (888) 572-5637.

El horario de esta officina es:
Lunes – Viernes: 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (tiempo este)
Sábado: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (tiempo este)
Domingo:  11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (tiempo este)

I still have questions, where can I get more information?

Additional information can be found on our secure website at www.PRALawPay.com, or you can call us using the number listed on the letter.