At PRA Law Firm, we understand that business is driven by consistently delivering results. It is for that reason that our team is committed to striving to provide clients with outstanding service, an experienced team of collectors and the performance results expected from an industry leader in the collection of Civil Recovery, Employee Restitution and Consumer/Commercial Debt claims.

PRA Law Firm has earned the trust of the nation’s largest retailers by helping retailers recover millions of dollars in lost revenue. As a fully-staffed law firm, our collection efforts create a heightened sense of urgency, yielding substantially better industry results than typical collection agencies. Our initial letters typically generate incoming calls to our attorney-supervised telephone collectors, who are often able to settle claims on the spot and always with professionalism.

Whether your company seeks to establish a start-up program or improve upon an existing proprietary or third party follow-up program, our client development and legal teams will work with you to design and implement a seamless business strategy that meets your corporate goals and produces results.

By choosing a licensed law firm, your company will enjoy the many advantages and protections not afforded by traditional debt collection agencies.

Some of those key advantages and protections include:

  • Attorney Supervised Collections
  • Confidentiality afforded by the Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Bar Trust Accounting Practices to ensure that we meet the highest ethical standards
  • Technology driven processes
  • Single Point of Contact approach to account management to help you develop a trust and peace of mind in knowing that your company’s best interest is being served

PRA Law Firm offers its clients a broad range of recovery services, including:

Please contact us so we can discuss how the PRA Law Firm can assist you with your civil recovery, restitution and/or debt collection needs.