A Civil Recovery Law Firm

PRA Law Firm is a full service law firm located near Orlando, Florida that has focuses on civil recovery law. Civil recovery is the practice of law involving requests for civil statutory damages most often pursuant to state statutory laws enacted to help retailers recover their losses caused by theft, which cost retailers an estimated $61.7 billion in 2019.[1]

Through professionalism, integrity, and commitment to client satisfaction, our mission is to continue to maintain our leadership in civil recovery, restitution, bad debt and worthless check representation for retailers and other major corporations. Our goal is to provide unparalleled results in settlement of civil theft and restitution claims against shoplifters and dishonest associates, and recovery of bad debt and worthless checks for our clients. Our commitment to the Loss Prevention community is our main focus. With our wide variety of professional services and experiences, we intend to optimize client recoveries, while remaining the nation’s leader in civil recovery.

We strive to provide our clients with quality legal representation. Sound risk management is an essential ingredient of loss prevention. This is certainly the case when applying state civil statutes in the pursuit of losses caused by theft offenders, whether employees or shoplifters.

The Law Firm has developed and refined its signature civil recovery process. Today, this body of work has culminated into the ability to provide our clients with a high level of legal assurances while maintaining a low level of associated risk.

Civil recovery is the practice of civil law. Only a law firm can provide the invaluable protections offered under the attorney-client privilege. Civil recovery companies cannot offer these protections, even when affiliated with a lawyer or law firms.

There are numerous advantages and protections for you in using our Law Firm rather than a collection agency or a “civil recovery” company. As attorneys, all communications with our Firm, including communications about sensitive corporate guidelines, policies and procedures, are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

In matters of civil recovery law, it is important to insist on a quality, experienced law firm focused on civil recovery law to represent your company. Settling for anything less is less than sound risk management.

We are confident that we can provide you substantial civil recovery dollars for your various stores, while at all times maintaining a high degree of protection and professionalism. If given the opportunity, we look forward to doing business with you and exceeding your expectations.

While not an exhaustive list, the following are some examples of the important involvement of our firm in the civil recovery process:

  • We are highly involved in the recovery process, managing every aspect of recovery
  • We provide clients with timely, thorough and accurate case reviews prior to making any civil settlement offers
  • We continually track daily shifts and changes in the ever-evolving legal landscape that may impact civil recovery statutory law and case precedent
  • We provide ongoing sound legal counsel to our clients regarding state civil recovery statutes and the best practices in all fifty states under the advisement of our “Of Counsel” attorneys
  • We pursue a policy of comprehensive engagement with opposing parties through the case life cycle
  • We adapt our civil recovery process to unique statutory circumstances, clients’ needs and culture and particular risk management model requirements
    • We leverage technology for the highest level of case data capture, follow up, case notation, document capture/storage and opposing party communication
    • We provide our clients with civil litigation services, filing law suits on their behalf against theft offenders
    • Practically speaking, this level of applied legal resources provides a high degree of assurance that the right statutes are being applied to the right cases, which are being pursued in the correct way with absolute consistency. Without this level of assurance, a civil recovery program is exposed to risk of litigation


[1] Shearman, J. Craig. “Retail shrink totaled $61.7 billion in 2019 amid rising employee theft and shoplifting/ORC.” National Retail Federation. 14 July 2020. https://nrf.com/media-center/press-releases/retail-shrink-totaled-617-billion-2019-amid-rising-employee-theft-and